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Re: feedback
Hi Peter, I like the changes you've made! I've noticed two things, though: I think that only warnings are printed, but errors are not (this will require just updating the isWarningRegexp regexp, (more...)
Re: feedback
Hi Petr, I was thinking, maybe we do not need to match subsequent lines! We could just as well filter the individual warnings. For example, the following two warnings be filtered (more...)
make clean
My Status: In parallel, I have been trying to do my first builds (XP/MinGW/command line make) of the downloaded calitko-0.6.2 and a recent default bzr branch (as of this morning). My Goals: Learn (more...)
Re: feedback
Hi Petr, I did some work based on your latest revision. You could have a look at my calitko-petr-warnings branch. I'm passing arguments.compilationCommand.split (' ') to doCompilation. Passing just the string doesn't (more...)
Re: feedback
Hi Peter, try please the latest version (calitko, 143) - it should be working now (there was a problem when large ammount of data was produced by the compilation process). Btw, (more...)
Re: feedback
Hi Petr, I have no better luck with the warnings filtering script. It's quite weird because after I run the script as you have suggested the compilation runs for a while. (more...)
Re: CalitkoMocks doesn’t parse a function with a pointer-to-function parameter
Hi Petr, It seems that the original moc has some problem parsing the function taking a function pointer as parameter. Actually it seems that on that specific line the return value (more...)
CalitkoMocks doesn’t parse a function with a pointer-to-function parameter
Hi Peter, I've been implementing tracker updates in the TrackerManager with the Timer class and I tried as a temporary solution (so I don't need to merge your branch) this (pointer (more...)
Re: feedback
Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback! Just pulled your latest revision with the script and wanted to try out running it: [snip] but it didn’t seem to work! I saw you are collecting (more...)
Re: Suggestion for an Internet Conference Call
Hi all, I'd like to participate in the Conference Call, although I haven't got much to say... yet ;-) Maybe you could start by summing up the milestones since the last (more...)

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