Calitko Developer Documentation

Calitko’s online developer documentation can be found at It contains some tutorials for the tools we use, our coding conventions, Calitko’s architecture, as well as the complete source code reference.

At SourceForge you can get offline copies of the latest version of this documentation.

Qt Developer Documentation

You would need to get familiar with Trolltech’s Qt 4.1 framework, since we use it extensively in Calitko. Qt is a great C++ framework, which provides us with an operating system abstraction layer. This means that the code we write for Calitko would compile and run on Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS.

Qt4 documentation is available online at


You would need the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) in order to compile Calitko from source. Qt generally makes it possible to also use another compilers, so feel free to experiment (please let us know about the results)!

Here are some GCC links:


Bazaar is a great decentralized version control system that we use in Calitko Project. It enables many developers to work independently on different parts of a software project and then easily merge their changes back to the project’s main development branch. The developers do not need a network connection to a central server all the time. They can commit changes locally and at some point synchronize their work with other developers. Here are some important links:


P2P is a rather old concept, which gained more popularity in the beginning of the decade thanks to the advance of the Internet and software like ICQ and Napster. If you’d like to learn more about P2P, you might want to take a look at:


Gnutella is probably the most mature and advanced P2P file-sharing protocol nowadays. We are currently working on a Gnutella implementation for Calitko.

Some important Gnutella links: