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Finally write access to
Finally you have access to your developer directories and can push your changes yourself! We probably will very rarely need to publish patches from now on. When someone has done (more...)
Re: Errors building/running
OK, guys! I figured that one out and it is indeed a bug in Qt! After enabling the debug output in QtNetworkd4.dll it was obvious what was causing the 100% CPU (more...)
Re: When is the next conference? ;-)
Nothing planned yet! Please, the ones of you who would be interested, reply to this post with suggestions for topics/questions that you'd like to discuss. After we see who's interested and (more...)
Re: Klocwork is free for opensource projects…
Sounds great, Atul! Couldn't find a download link... have you used them already? Regards, Peter
Re: Errors building/running
Anybody tried the patch? Is Calitko still hanging or not? Thanks, Peter