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Re: Calitko Progress in November
Thanks mate. I learned a lot from these discussions... Peer  review rocks ;-) -- cheerio atul Peter Dimov wrote: Dear Calitko Developers, In the beginning of each month I do write a post about (more...)
Re: Re: Re: One idea about Regression testing
Dear Peter It would be an end to end testing.... You are right about putting data thru the system and verifying that it still works... And auto verifying that new changes (more...)
Re: Re: Refactored BDecoderTest..
Dear Peter Adding a short documentation is a very good suggestion Peter! It would be a very good refactoring ;-) You are right about the thinking that would go in ( and (more...)
Re: Re: One idea about Regression testing
Yes, Atul! We should do this kind of testing! I’ll take a look at FitNess. Even without it I think it wouldn’t be much of a problem to open some (more...)
Re: New tests for Http::Header…
Hi Atul, I pushed this patch in revno 88. I think that’s a good start and I’m looking forward to your other tests. Btw for creating the test are you (more...)
Re: Refactored BDecoderTest..
Hi Atul, This patch is pushed to your public branch in revno 87. The tests look quite nice! Would you mind adding a short documentation for each test function saying what (more...)
Re: Re: Re: Suggestion: Teleconferencing
Hi Atul, Skype is free for PC to PC calls. I hope sometime soon we would be able to use Calitko instead ;-). Are others joining us for the conference call? Best regards, Peter atul (more...)
Re: One idea about Regression testing
One other idea is to use FitNesse ( ) ... --- cheers atul atul wrote: This is loosely based on the approach given in Practice Of Programming... 1. Let us capture a packet (more...)