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One idea about Regression testing
This is loosely based on the approach given in Practice Of Programming... 1. Let us capture a packet and dump it in as XML/text file ( this is a one time step  (more...)
New tests for Http::Header…
Hi all Here is a class ripe for unit testing ;-) Given all the parsing that  happens, I mean ;-) The number of these tests will grow in the coming days ;-) --cheerio (more...)
Re: Re: Suggestion: Teleconferencing
Count me in .. I am in India GMT+5:30 Is skype free? What about google chat for chatting .. --cheerio atul Peter Dimov wrote: Hello everybody, That seems like a good idea, Bo! What about the (more...)
Refactored BDecoderTest..
Hi all Here I think is a better version. The methods are more cohesive IMHO.  It is easier to reason about a test, put it in gdb etc... With long methods it (more...)
Re: NodeAddress::Null
Hi Bo, I think it was possible to receive a NodeAddress in a Pong packet from a Gnutella leaf that has a zero IP address and non-zero port. In that case (more...)
Re: Suggestion: Teleconferencing
Hello everybody, That seems like a good idea, Bo! What about the first topic to be “Getting started with Calitko”. We could discuss what the difficulties are and how to overcome (more...)
Re: SourceComment: Getting rid of needless conversions?
Hi Atul, I agree with your suggestions, see revno 86 of your branch or the attached patch. I made ultrapeerSlots and leafSlots uchars but kept the interface (ctor and getters) with (more...)
Hi everyone, By doing the unit test of class NodeCache, I have found, if I try to add a node with the address, it will be added successfully. The assert Q_ASSERT (more...)
Suggestion: Teleconferencing
Hi everyone, I am now thinking, if it is possible, that we have a audio conference by using skype. We can discuss some common issues, or some concrete problems. I think, (more...)