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Re: Some more tests added… BDecoder
Hi Atul, I had to replace the castFrom() calls with dynamic_cast and the type() calls with typeid(). I just committed the changes to your branch in revno 83. Could you sync (more...)
Re: SourceTalk editor acting crazy?
I haven't experienced that. I'm actually using the plain text (actualy raw html) mode. One can configure that in the Profile after logging in. Over the weekend I'll check if (more...)
Re: Re: Re: SourceComment: Is BList::Private needed?
Hi Atul, I thought at first that would be nice but I just tried out to declare binaryReader a member variable instead of a pointer and figured out that we’ll have (more...)
Some more tests added… BDecoder
Hi all Here are some more tests... Boundary conditions ( try to read a stringified INT_MAX, INT_MIN, fail to read UINT_MAX .. etc.. ) So corner cases for QByteArray::toInt() work ( they (more...)
SourceTalk editor acting crazy?
Dear all For some reason while editing my post, my copy/paste suddenly stopped working... Also the cursor randomly jumped to Find box / the Url tab ;-) I am using FireFox on (more...)
Re: Re: SourceComment: Is BList::Private needed?
Hey Peter Now that these structs are removed, we don't need BDecoder::binaryReader to be dynamically allocated... So BDecoder::BDecoder  (const  QByteArray  &rawData) : binaryReader( rawData, BinaryReader::LittleEndian ) {            p.binaryReader = new BinaryReader (rawData, BinaryReader::LittleEndian (more...)