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Unit tests for BitTorrent packets
Hello Everybody, Added unit tests for BitTorrent packets. ChokeTest should also indirectly cover the packets Unchoke, Interested and NotInterested because they are instantiated from the SimplePacket template class. Similarly, RequestTest covers (more...)
GreatCode – a great code beutifier
Hello everybody, Some of you might be following the code beautifiers series of posts. The whole point is to allow everybody to write code in their favorite style but have their (more...)
Re: Good job!
Thanks for the compliments, Anders! Also thanks to all people who helped in one way or another to Calitko project! I hope there will be more of you and that (more...)
Re: Re: Improving memory management in Calitko
Hi Anders, I think that if using boost at some places would result in better code, then we should (gradually) refactor existing code and write new code using boost. Since I’ve (more...)
Good job!
I must give you all kudos for your site and the way your project is managed. I have been working in software development for the last 20 years and still (more...)
Re: Improving memory management in Calitko
Hi again, boost is a very good template library and I think using it is a good idea but I am not sure whether one should include boost in a project when (more...)