Archive for 16. October 2006

Re: GUI refactoring
Hi Valeriy, Thanks for the patch! You’ve done some great work there! Just a few minor issues: You made UIs a subdir of Gui. What I actually meant was UIs to be a (more...)
Re: Re: Experimenting with GNU indent
Hi Sebastien, Thanks for the info! I downloaded the eclipse plugin version ( and unpacked the archive in my eclipse/plugin directory. I'm not an Eclipse expert but I think that's the (more...)
GUI refactoring
Hi all, I started doing refactoring of GUI and first patch is ready: Create UIs/Searching/ directory, all searching stuff moved there Added SearchingWidget and SearchQueryView classes Added two TAB-icons for network and packets dump Peter, (more...)
Re: Experimenting with GNU indent
Hi, Under eclipse i am using Jalopy to automatically format my code the way i want. You can follow SUN java code style, GNU style, C style or make your own (more...)