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Re: Proposed refactoring…
Thanks Atul! This function is in PacketMonitor.cpp. I don’t even remember writing it. It actually makes no sense at all and is never used. I deleted it in revision 54! atul (more...)
Re: Getting rid of setters/getters?
Hi Atul, I see your point how setters and getters can hurt encapsulation and I agree with you that one should be careful what part of the object’s state should directly (more...)
Re: patch to refactor away Packet::name
Thanks Atul! I just fixed the whitespace around parentheses and aligned the code a little. Committed in revision 53! atul wrote:Dear Peter, I made Packet::name pure virtual. By doing this refactoring I (more...)
Updated documentation style + a new MSVS/Qt page
Hello, I just committed revision 52 which updates the default stylesheet generated by doxygen and will make the documentation, which is also available at, look more like the project (more...)
Proposed refactoring…
static QString toString (const QByteArray &ba) {    int len = ba.count();     QString result; for (int i=0; i     } result.append( ba ); return result; } I went thru the docs of QString::append(  const QByteArray &  )  (more...)
Getting rid of setters/getters?
Dear all, This is one of the two design points ( the other is about Null Objects ), that  were coming nagging at my mind ;-) I think giving set/get harms encapsulation (more...)
patch to refactor away Packet::name
Dear Peter, I made Packet::name pure virtual. By doing this refactoring I discovered that IbmcDescriptor, OpenVendorDescriptor and StandardVendorDescriptor are not used -- What I mean is there are no concrete derivations (more...)
Re: Should we bundle cppunit with calitko?
Hi Atul, I generally agree with you that it is better NOT to bundle cppunit with Calitko. I have however some other considerations, which make me think it is better to (more...)
Re: A simpler test configuration…
Hello Everybody, The current structure is not too different from what Atul was suggesting. The plan now is to have a single test file per class but in a separate directory: Gnutella/Packets/Bye.cpp (more...)
Re: consistent compiling and linking…
I haven’t experienced any problems of this kind so far. There are some very unpleasant bugs in gdb like no breakpoint works in a ctor or dtor, resolving types of (more...)

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