Archive for 1. October 2006

MS Visual Studio 2003 project
Hi everyone, I've added MS VS 2003 project and now Calitko can be easely compiled with it. If any problems with QT 4.1 appears, there is patch in here (more...)
Re: Improving some packet and class names
Hi everyone, First of all to the people who don't know me, I'm one of the guys that together with Peter started the Calitko project. Unfortunately there were a lot of (more...)
Improving some packet and class names
Hello everybody, I’d like to change the names of some packets and would like to get some feedback. Sebastien pointed out previously that Networks::Http does not make much sense since HTTP (more...)
20 New Calitko Developers in September!
In September a small advertising campaign was run at the SourceForge Help Wanted page. The result – 20 new developers registered within a month! I’m already in contact with most (more...)
Re: Re: Thoughts about Coding Styles and Conventions
Hi Sebastien, Thanks for your comments! You are right that the source lacks enough documentation. I will try to always document all new code I write right from the start because (more...)
Re: Ideas for improvements in packet parsing
Hi all, I’ve been thinking how to implement this DataParser or PacketParser class. I looked at the implementation of QDataStream and it actually looks almost like the thing we need. It (more...)