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What is Calitko?

Calitko is aimed to become an extensible software P2P framework for resource discovery and resource acquisition. Using Calitko, the user could uniformly search for resources and their associated services in all of the supported P2P networks. We are currently developing Gnutella support for file sharing. BitTorrent is planned as well. Thanks to the C++ framework Qt4 that we use, Calitko can run on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.

Calitko is still in development phase. This means it is meant only for capable developers seeking new challenges. Therefore, no binaries but just the source code is released at that time.

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Latest Source Code Release

Calitko v0.6.3

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My master thesis is now available for download.
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Re: Disable the app subproject (temporarily)?
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Re: Disable the app subproject (temporarily)?
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Re: Disable the app subproject (temporarily)?
Hi Peter, I agree with you that we should disable the calitko.pri subproject since we're not working on it. However, I think that we should at first focus on some protocol (more...)